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Year 5

Year 5

Adams Class

In the Autumn term, pupil learning is led by the curriculum vehicle ‘an evening in our world’ which allows pupils to respond to the critical question: ‘How do I build a united world?’ This is supported by challenging texts which enhance pupil knowledge of identity and diversity, enabling them to develop emotional-intelligence and empathise with others.

Pupils begin the term by exploring the local area and uncovering facts about our local history as part of the autumn trail. They use the Lyfta platform to support their understanding of different cultures and beliefs and undertake different experiences such as food tasting, using food from around the world to enhance their knowledge of global perspectives.

Having the curriculum driver communication enables year 5 pupils to share their learning with the community. A sense of belonging is pertinent as pupils present an evening in their world, displaying how a united world is achieved.

We are committed to achieving the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, and share the belief that ‘ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.’ – UN. We have a moral imperative to educate our pupils about how they can create a sustainable world and we empower them to teach others.


Year 5 Long Term Plan Autumn


Global perspectives

Identity and diversity

Character skill

Emotional intelligence

Attitude outcome

Identity and diversity

Valuing of own and others’ individuality. 

Openness to new ideas and perspectives which challenge own. 

Emotional intelligence

Discern how people are feeling through their words, body language, gestures, and tone.  

Recognise how different backgrounds, beliefs and personalities affect behaviour and world views. 


Follow the Crayford ‘Autumn trail’ to uncover key facts about the local area from the past and present. 

Critical question

How do I build a united world?

Core texts


Boy Everywhere by A.M.Dassus

No Ballet Shoes in Syria by Catherine Bruton

Curriculum driver



An evening in our world

Year 5 showcase their learning through ‘an evening in our world’ where they teach others about their passions and beliefs, their culture and heritage. There is a strong sense of peace and justice through the showcase and children show the importance of building a united world and explain how we can achieve this.