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Curriculum Relaunch

Curriculum Relaunch

In September we launched our new curriculum design which is based on developing global perspectives and character skills to ensure our children can flourish as empathetic, 21st century learners. After much work with our pupils, staff and the local community, the vision was defined:

At Crayford Temple Grove, we understand the needs of our community and have created a unique curriculum to prepare our children for an ever-changing future. Our global curriculum allows our students to gain an understanding of the world and skills and knowledge to flourish as empathetic, 21st century learners.

21st century character skills support global viewpoints to drive our curriculum and allow our children to become prepared for the next stage of their learning journey:

‘By learning, understanding, and mastering the 4 C’s, students place themselves in an incredible position to move forward with their lives.’

Furthermore, we reinforce the belief that we ‘cannot rely on one narrative to be the only narrative we seek regarding anything we hope to learn.’ Our children identify themselves in their own story and recognise the importance of understanding other stories from the past and present. We believe that our brain prioritises stories and by this principle, embedding stories into long-term memory will ensure that learners at CTG have authentic knowledge, which will allow them to become part of the global conversation.

Providing this rich, knowledge based global curriculum, which is supported by technology as a tool to enhance learning, children at CTG will have a deep understanding of the past, how it has shaped our present, and the 21st century character skills they need to succeed in the future.

We are extremely proud of our teaching staff who have worked tirelessly to implement the new design. The children have taken part in a range of enriching experiences, developed an understanding of the UN’s sustainable development goals and most importantly, have a love of learning which is driven by a want to make the world a better place.


At the beginning of the year, each child wrote down their career aspirations. Since then, they have been joined by a range of professionals including the police, engineers and the NHS. We plan to reflect on these at the end of the year to see if our aspirations have changed.

When I’m older, I want to be a mum and a doctor.

Career in Engineering 

I already have some ideas. We can design a new water system

I never knew there were so many different types of engineers


Nordic Walking 

I had never heard of Nordic Walking. I can’t wait to give it a try!

PCSO Visit


 PCSO’s help to keep the victims calm, especially if they have had a burglary. They help them to keep safe



PCSO’s patrol the local area and keep us safe



PCSO’s do great work in the community. I would love to be a PCSO



Author Virtual Visit

When I’m older, I want to be an author and an illustrator


I wrote to the author and got a signed copy of the book! I hope that I can be an author one day.


I couldn’t wait to read Swop!

The Curriculum in Action 

Here are some special events which highlight our ‘curriculum in action’.

Year 5 Food Tasting around the World

Year 5 tasted food from different parts of the world and developed an understanding of different cultures.


Our Curriculum Journey

Year 2 have been on quite the journey to make sure their voice counts!


Identity and Diversity in Year 3

 We should treat everyone equally and with respect. Respect is one of our school values





Being diverse is what makes us special. 


 We should not be prejudice towards others. We are all special!