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Haberdashers'  Crayford Primary School is proud to be partnered with Create  Development and is a Real Legacy school and strives to create a new ambition for EVERY child.  We are committed to get our children more active by developing the fundamental physical skills and our PE lessons will be centred around the child to enable them to be successful in the classroom later in life.

We recognise the vital contribution that Physical Education makes to a child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.  PE is one of the statutory foundation subjects of the National Curriculum, and makes a vital and unique contribution to every child's physical development, health and wellbeing.  Through building a body of key knowledge and skills, children should be encouraged to recognise the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and develop a sense of pride and excitement in their personal achievements.

We aim to provide high quality physical education and school sport, through personal challenge and healthy competition, that will lead to life-long participation and create positive healthy relationships with physical activity for life. 

PE plays a vital role in promoting physical activities and a healthy lifestyle in a positive and enjoyable way for all children.  Our PE curriculum aims to develop and challenge pupils' abilities in a range of physical activities and sports - helping them to develop their personal fitness and learn important life skills such as teamwork and perseverance.


At Haberdashers' Crayford Primary we use the Real PE system.  It is fully aligned to the  National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements, and focuses on the  development of agility, balance and co-ordination, healthy competition and co-   operative learning through a unique approach to teaching and learning.  The   skills are split into half termly topics - the objectives are progressive and children are able to refer to previous learning on movement, co-ordination and co-operation.  This helps build on their understanding, creates links and challenges them to become greater PE learners. Real PE focuses on 6 key areas that are essential in the development of children as they grow and learn.



For all children to be able to effectively transfer skills and movements across a range of activities

For all children to perform in a variety of skills consistently and effectively in challenging or competitive situations

Health and Fitness

For all children to be able to explain how individuals need different types and levels of fitness to be more effective in their activity/role/event

For all children to be able to plan and follow their own basic fitness programme

For all children to explain the basic fitness components and to know how long to exercise to keep healthy


For all children to be able to use variety and creativity to engage an audience

For all children to be able to respond imaginatively to different situations, adapting and adjusting skills, movements and tactics


For all children to be able to review, analyse and evaluate their own and others' strengths and weaknesses

for all children to be able to read and react to different game situations as they develop


For all children to be bale to involve others and motivate people around them to perform

For all children to be able to give and receive sensitive feedback to improve their own and others' performance


For all children to be able to create their own learning journey and revise it when necessary

For all children to be able to see all new challenges as opportunities to learn and develop

What makes Real PE unique?

Real PE is a philosophy and approach which aims to transform how we teach PE in order to include, challenge and support EVERY child.


P.E Curriculum Overviews

eyfs curriculum overview.pdf


y1 curriculum overview.pdf


y2 curriculum overview.pdf


y3 curriculum overview.pdf


y4 curriculum overview.pdf




yr 5 6 curriculum overview.pdf

P.E Skills Progression 

progression of skills map.pdf


fundamental movement skills progression of skills.pdf